About Us

Having worked successfully in the courier and logistics industry for 24 years, GW Express has amassed unrivaled operational experience and expertise. Following are some of the key strengths that make us such a viable partner for our diverse and valued corporate clients:

• Excellent routing and directional skills
• Superior customer service skills
• Effective record keeping skills
• Efficient time management
• Competent Planning throughout the company
• Hiring of quality staff
• Great at recruiting
• Company culture is generally open to change


Our number one goal is customer satisfaction.

The mission of GW Express to provide customers professional, quality, efficient, and reliable delivery and pick up service. GW Express takes great pride in offering unique and customized solutions for any customer. Through a vast range of services that includes the efficient conveyance of express courier packages, secure transport of heavy freight, and expedited delivery services, GW Express offers its clients unrivaled reliability, diversity and expedience.